Kennel Swiss Bohemia

Small family kennel of Chlumce at Cesky Krumlov in southern Bohemia

Reg. Number: 445/15


After leaving our 13-year-old labradors we opted for a large Swiss. We were looking for a suitable dog to families with children and also incorruptible guard with a deep voice. Switzerland fulfills all these conditions and do not regret their choice. Even at home, we have 11-year-old crossbreed labrador Bullmastiff, which forms the Bayle inseparable.

Our dogs have a large garden with an area of 2500 m2. Dogs fundamentally behave or not closing up pens, have free access to our garage, you have a whole for ourselves and where Vegeta on the couch :-)


Bayle a Fido


"It does not matter

how little money you have,

a small property you own

and what are your debts

If you have a dog, you're rich!"

(Luis Sabin)