Baylee Genesis Bohemia

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

* 19.5.2013

RTG DKK A/A, DLK 0/0, OCD neg.

Breeding code: 445A75AOneg.                           

Pedigree (PDF)



11.10.2015        International Exhibition Č. Budějovice        open       V1, CAC, RESERVE CACIB  
21.06.2015 National exhibition Klatovy open V1, CAC  
30.05.2015 KŠSP Zár. Lhota (club) open V  
28.09.2014 National exhibition Brno young V1  
21.09.2014 International Exhibition Č. Budějovice young V2  
13.09.2014 KŠSP Zár. Lhota (club)  young V4 (from 14 dogs)  
29.06.2014 National exhibition Klatovy young V1, CAJC  

"It does not matter

how little money you have,

a small property you own

and what are your debts

If you have a dog, you're rich!"

(Luis Sabin)